VMware cloud on AWS for regulated industries

The public cloud is here. Compliance and regulatory requirements can be met in the public cloud today, so regulated industries must also innovate and modernize via the public cloud. Public cloud has risen over the past decade to become the new model for IT computing. While most organizations aren't using the public cloud for the majority of their IT, many are using public cloud in some capacity. Compliance and security are posing a challenge for many organizations in regulated industries, but these issues are ultimately solvable and can't be a barrier to innovation. Even the most conservative organizations are beginning to adopt cloud because the competitive reality will drive organizations to innovate, cut costs, and develop digital assets faster.

Healthcare IT Modernization and the Adoption of Hybrid Cloud

The healthcare industry faces unprecedented changes brought about by a shift from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare delivery and reimbursement models. Legacy infrastructure simply cannot keep up with the pace of change. Forward-thinking healthcare organizations are modernizing their IT infrastructure and accelerating adoption of 3rd Platform technologies such as public cloud to address global objectives to reduce costs, improve quality of care, and increase patient and clinician satisfaction.

Banking IT Modernization and the Adoption of Hybrid Cloud

Retail banks continue to minimize costs while improving customer engagement, all under regulatory pressures to manage risks and increase security. Institutions are increasingly leveraging the availability of solutions and platforms "as-a-service" to take advantage of improved agility, decreased time to market, and lower costs. The ability to respond quickly to customer needs is also driving banks to cloud-based solutions like advanced analytics, AI, and open APIs to increase security, improve costs and enable agility.

Government IT Modernization and the adoption of Hybrid Cloud

Federal and national governments face an unprecedented opportunity to migrate, enhance, or replace legacy systems that have historically constrained digital transformation and innovation. Hybrid cloud is now a relevant operating model in government and, for many agencies, the question isn’t whether to move to cloud, but which applications and services can be deployed more efficiently and effectively via public cloud across a broad range of strategies—from on-demand capacity, DR, and backup to application migration, modernization, and next-generation development.